Monday, October 31, 2011

Chào các bạn. Mình tên là quỳnh như. Mình là sinh viên nam thứ hai, học ngành khoa học xã hội, ở Đại học quố gia Singapo.

Previously, I went to Vietnam for 9 days during the summer break. My friend and I had joined the NUS Mountaineering club to climb Mount Fansipan which is located near Sapa. We took an international flight to Ho Chi Minh City, transferred to a domestic flight to Hanoi and from there, took train and buses to Sapa. After climbing Mount Fansipan, we travelled on an express coach to Ha Long Bay where we stayed overnight on a cruise, watched beautiful sun rise, swim, eat seafood, visited caves and fishing villages. On the 7th day, we left Halong Bay and took a bus to Cat Ba Island where we trekked and cycled. We also had a chance to eat Vietnamese specialty like phở bò! It was a very good experience and the very first Vietnamese word I’ve learnt during that trip was Xin chào!

Mình tên là Qunỳh Liên. Mình là sinh viên nam thứ tư ở Đai học Quốc gia Victoria ở Canada nhưng mình học một học kỳ ở Đai học Quốc gia Singapo. Mình học ngành sinh học. 

Although I’ve had some experience travelling to other areas in Southeast Asia, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit Vietnam. However, I’m planning on taking advantage of the close proximity of Vietnam to Singapore and will be travelling there this December for about one month. Even before taking this Vietnamese class I’d heard from many people how beautiful Vietnam is and that for many people it is ranked amongst the top of their travelling experiences. And learning more about the country and culture through this class has only made me more excited to visit the country. While I am there I plan on visiting many of the locations that were presented in the group oral presentations as I travel from Ho Chi Minh north up to Hanoi. I look forward to experiencing everything Vietnam has to offer including the delicious food, which I tried for the first time at the Vietnamese afternoon. 

Chúng tôi chọn Vịnh Hạ Long vì nghe nói Vịnh Hạ Long rất đẹp! Chúng tôi cũng muốn đi miền Bắc Việt Nam du lịch bụi và đi thăm hang động đẹp! Chúng tôi học có nhiều nơi tham quan và họat động đi du lịch gần Vịnh Hạ Long.

Tên của chúng tôi là Quỳnh Hoa và Quỳnh Giang. Chung tôi là sinh viên toán học năm thứ hai. 

We have limited experiences with Vietnam as both of us have not been there before. However since we took up this vietnamese module, we watched a vietnamese movie and listened to various pop music. We thought that the music and movies were very sentimental.

We chose Hanoi for our travelling project. We heard that there were many interesting sightseeing places and a lot of delicacies there. While doing the project we managed to practise our vietnamese for presentation. We also found out more about Hanoi. Now we are very interested in travelling to Vietnam to visit the places we researched about such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Pagoda and Hanoi Old Quarter. Not to forget to the well known dishes at Cha Ca La Vong and Bun Bo Nam Bo. 

We really enjoyed this module and might consider taking Vietnamese 2. We had a lot of fun with Cô Lê, Cô Bích and Cô Quỳnh during classes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travelling project blog post

Chào các em,

When you visit our blog, please sign in with the username and password I emailed you. After that, you click on NEW POST to write your blog entry. Before clicking PUBLISH  POST, please remember to type TRAVELLING in the LABELS box. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me.

Happy blogging!
cô Lê

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Southeast Asian Night

After the Vietnamese Afternoon will be the Southeast Asian Night. Our LAV@NUS students will be performing a beautiful Vietnamese dance. Come join us! See you next Saturday at the Alumni House!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Vietnamese Afternoon (19/10/2011)

Our  Chiều Việt Nam this semester was a great success. Since its inauguration in semester 1 AY2008/2009, which was a one-hour chat session with about 20 participants, Chiều Việt Nam has attracted more and more attention and participation from Vietnamese language students and Vietnamese community at NUS. This semester (sem 1, AY2011/2012), we had a full-fledged event (which included interesting language-related games, exciting skit performances, beautiful singing and dancing, and delicious home-cooked Vietnamese food and drinks), attracting over 60 participants (students from Vietnamese 1 to Vietnamese 4, alumni, Vietnamese students, and Vietnamese teachers). Chiều Việt Nam is no dout a highlight of this semester for many of us. Thank you all for coming and making Chiều Việt Nam an enriching, enjoyable and unforgettable event. We look forward to seeing you all in Chiều Việt Nam next semester. 

Follow this link for more pictures of this event: